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Discover bonds available on the open market and leverage BondView’s comprehensive indicators to evaluate interest rate risk.

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Fund Screener

Fund Screener

Input a bond’s CUSIP, get a comprehensive list of fund owners and their holdings, and gain immediate insight into market breadth and depth.

Coverage includes: Invesco High Yield Municipal A (ACTHX), you unlock insights that simplify your bond portfolio management.

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Price Discovery

Our pricing engine swiftly analyzes comparable bond transactions and provides an imputed price for the target bond in a fraction of the traditional time needed.

Bond & Fund Screener

Comprehensively screen and evaluate municipal bonds based on a wide range of criteria. Easily filter and analyze municipal bonds for informed investment decisions.

Analysis Tools

Simply input basic information about your municipal investment, and instantly access a wealth of relevant information and analysis at your fingertips.

Bond Ownership

Quickly find and identify funds that own a specific bond by entering its CUSIP. Receive a comprehensive list of fund ownership and percentages, to assess exposure and market breadth for the bond.

Bond Trades

Uncover profitable market moves. Bond trades offer a realm of possibilities to enhance your investment portfolio.  Adapt to market trends and unlock the potential for returns.




I highly recommend BondView to anyone looking for transparency and accuracy in bond pricing. Their data is reliable and up-to-date, allowing me to compare different bonds and find the best opportunities. It's a must-have for serious bond investors.

Laura K

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