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Pro Dashboard

An advanced interface that integrates our suite of sophisticated tools to offer unparalleled insight into the muni bond market.

Trade Statistics

A one-stop resource for detailed, numerical insights into the bond market and bond trading activity, helping you make data-driven investment decisions.


A visual guide to different curated risk ratings, serving as a useful aid in understanding a bond’s risk profile. These ratings, though relative and not personal recommendations, play a crucial role in assessing bond default risk.

Credit Summary

A unique blend of our expert analysis, based on BondView’s proprietary market-implied rating, liquidity rating, and other vital determinants, such as the level of institutional bond ownership.

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Liquidity Dashboard

Real-time, visual insights into market liquidity, enabling you to understand the ease of buying or selling at any given moment.


An alert system giving you insight into rapid changes in price, volume, ratings, maturing bonds and negative material events.




Thanks to BondView, I no longer feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the bond market. Their educational resources and expert commentary have empowered me to understand bond investing better and make well-informed decisions. A game-changer for self-directed investors!

Emily T

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