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Buy Muni Bonds

Buy Muni Bonds

Discover bonds available on the open market and leverage BondView’s comprehensive indicators to evaluate their quality.

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500 Index

500 Index

Explore bonds that are actively traded and widely held, meaning that they are easy to buy and sell.

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Investor Insights

Discover more tools to enhance your investing experience.

Most Active Bonds

Discover the most actively traded bonds with a guaranteed minimum yield to maturity of 5%. Gain a competitive edge with optimized yield opportunities and diversify your portfolio.

Top Bonds For Sale

Gain key insight into bond quality and customize your criteria to identify personalized buying opportunities that align with your investment goals. Find your next bond investment.

Defaulted Bonds

Navigate the complexities of distressed bonds and uncover hidden value. Take advantage of this list and capitalize on the potential for substantial returns.

Explore Largest Defaults

Advanced Search

Take your municipal bond portfolio to new heights with BondView’s advanced search capabilities. Gain valuable insights into the bond market and unlock higher yields by leveraging powerful search tools.

Fire Sale

Stay ahead of the curve with time-sensitive opportunities. These bonds trade at half or less than their par value, characterized by significant trading volume (at least five trades per day).

Bond Trades

Uncover profitable market moves. Bond trades offer a realm of possibilities to enhance your investment portfolio. Adapt to market trends and unlock the potential for returns.




As a financial advisor, BondView has become an invaluable tool in my practice. The platform's intuitive interface and detailed bond analytics have allowed me to provide my clients with personalized recommendations and optimize their portfolios. Highly recommended!

Sarah M. Financial Advisor

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